3 Secrets to Feeling Productive and Present as a Busy Working Mom Without the Spiralling Overwhelm


In This Masterclass


- 1 -

The Major Mindset Shift

that all working moms need to adopt when living busy lives

- 2 -

The Most Effective Strategy to Give You Direction

that dramatically cuts down the overwhelm and enables you to see your desires and goals ever so clearly

- 3 -

The Simplest Way to Cleanse Your Mind

and why you MUST know how to do this right out of the gate before even trying to plan your life

- 4 -

The ONE Strategy to Save Yourself Time and Energy

and why you should consider using it to re-evaluate all aspects of your life


The Maternal Support Game is About to Change in a BIG Way

Even though maternal support and wellness is a massive and quickly growing industry, it’s not always all encompassing. A few people will get the exact support that they need, while many others will feel misunderstood and fall between the cracks.

And the main reason for this, is that while the feelings we have as new mothers being back at work are fairly common, the education of EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES to help us overcome the transition is relatively low.

But as long as you can avoid the self-limiting beliefs that slow most of us down, the systemized path can be clearly paved for you.

The key ingredients to all of this are the 3 secrets that I will share with you in this masterclass that will allow you to feel productive and present in life as a busy working mom.

This Masterclass is a Must Attend if...

  1. You’re a busy working mom and really feeling drained and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of trying to be present in work and life while maintaining a happy home and balancing your own self-care.
  2. You’re a motivated, professional, and successful mom that loves her kids but also loves feeling fulfilled in her own personal goals and could use extra support.
  3. You are completely aware that working as a mom is not the same as it was before. Some aspects of working excite you and others scare you but you know that proper productivity strategies are going to be valuable in understanding balance.

A Personal Invitation From Tasha...

I've been a Community and Wellness Service Provider in various employment fields since I graduated from my Masters.

8 years later and I've discovered the exact ingredients that it takes to walk through the transition of hectic to happy when you're leaving a maternity leave and headed back-to-work. 

This brand new, fresh masterclass is a culmination of EVERYTHING I've learned as a new mom, walking through the motions and trying to figure out how to gain more presence and balance in work and life. 

If you're committed to making your transition as calm as possible, I can't wait to help pave the path and make everything clear.

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See you there 



3 Secrets to Feeling Productive and Present as a Busy Working Mom Without the Spiralling Overwhelm

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